How to install Mastodon on Debian 8

As many of you may have noticed there is a new player around that may cause some trouble to the micro-blogging platform called Twitter.

fluffy elephant 200x224This new player, called Mastodon, isn't the usual type of centralised "free" service that attracts millions of users with the intent of monetise them by selling their data and selling advert spaces, quite the contrary. Mastodon is very similar to Twitter in terms of features but it has the added bonuses of being really free, Open Source and decentralised.

This means that each one of us could download the software and create a Twitter-like service for his/her own family/friends/colleagues linked with the Mastodon servers around the world.

To know more about why and when Mastodon has been created check out the following links:

What follows is a step by step guide on how to install Mastodon on your own server.

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